Reports API

  • Host:
  • Protocols: https
  • Accepts: application/x-www-form-urlencoded

The Reports API on the TerminalOne Platform allows advertisers to access, query and aggregate reporting data. It is also the API that powers all reporting seen on our TerminalOne flagship UI.

The Reports API offers a number of reports. Each report offers its own pre-aggregated, time-based metrics on entites that users can query. A query can filter, aggregate, sort, paginate, and format this data.

The Reports API offers three primary endpoints.

  • The #endpoint:zMKJNurbLQddPfSfN endpoint provides the list of available reports.
  • The #endpoint:XLZxmeHNEAsLXfPht endpoint describes the specific aggregations, metrics, and entities offered by a report.
  • The #endpoint:kbWhxp8szYZXNMBre endpoint answers queries against a report’s data.

It is a read-only system meaning no request against it can alter the data in any way.

It is also a metadata-driven system. The supported reports are described in a human- and machine-readable format. This ensures easy one-off and repeatable programmatic data querying. It also provides a way for clients to adapt to changes in reports programmatically. This gives client-developers the ability to create UIs that provide useful operational feedback in a navigable and understandable way.

The $API_BASE for the latest version of Reports API is


See OAuth Authentication

MediaMath is in the process of migrating all APIs to OAuth2, but some APIs are not fully migrated. To mitigate that, make a request to with the Authorization:"Bearer ACCESS_TOKEN" header. Copy the adama_session cookie header from the response.

Use both the Authorization:"Bearer ACCESS_TOKEN" header and adama_session= cookie in all future requests to the reporting API.

Reports update schedule

The table below shows when TerminalOne Performance reports are updated. A campaign’s reporting data is updated once per day, with a full view of the previous day’s reporting data. This is based on the time zone of the campaign. The table below displays, based on the campaign’s time zone, the time at which updated performance data will be available. There is an exception, AUS EST, which may not capture the full previous day but will complete with the next day’s update.

Campaign Time Zone Report Update Time