Adaptive Segments

  • Version: v2.0
  • Host:
  • Protocols: https

Adaptive Segments

MediaMath Adaptive Segments are real-time, dynamic audiences. Marketers can construct audience profiles using existing event pixel, campaign impression, and campaign click data without placing additional tags on their site nor any delay in passing such data from another system. Once a segment has been saved, it will be immediately available for targeting within MediaMath Campaigns and Strategies.

Adaptive Segments are organized around a powerful and flexible framework:

  • Collect: Bring your data to a centralized platform via multiple mechanisms, and turn the raw data into usable marketing signals.
  • Create: Build comprehensive, precise consumer profiles that populate retroactively and update in real-time.
  • Understand: Understand your audience to help optimize, target and engage them more effectively, even before targeting segments in media.
  • Activate: Seamlessly activate 100% of those audiences across all channels and devices.

To find out more about Adaptive Segments, please visit the Knowledge Base.

Adaptive Segments can be created per standard Entity CRUD methods as documented in TerminalOne API Methods. Fields that are NULL will not appear in the XML response. POST to the following with fields listed in the table below depending on the type of pixel.