Security Best Practices

To keep your MediaMath account secure, we follow the best practices established by National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST). Security is a partnership, and as a customer we need to do everything we can to ensure your account remains secure.

If you have any questions regarding your account security, please contact either or MediaMath Support

Use a Password Manager

Our password policy requires a level of complexity that is best managed by a Password Manager. The only secure password is one you can’t remember.

We recommend reading the Wirecutter’s guide to password managers to find a solution that works well for your needs. As of May 2019 the wirecutter recommended password manager is 1Password

Do not share accounts. If you require more employees to have access to MediaMath, contact us and we can configure your environment to accommodate your use case.

Enable Multi Factor Authentication

We highly recommend enabling Multi Factor Authentication on your account. MediaMath supports both SMS and TOTP (Timed-based One Time Password) authentication. We strongly recommend TOTP authentication, as phone numbers can, and have been redirected to re-route authentication codes.

TOTP authentication allows your device to generate a number that only you have, safeguarding access to your account. You will require an app for your phone. We recommend any of apps:


If you believe you have identified a vulnerability in the MediaMath platform please contact